Friday, December 28, 2007

-- relief for stiff neck

So I'm still getting over the flu, now I just have a cough. Sometimes it wakes me out of a sleep choking and gasping for air. Last time this happened I propped up about 90 pillows and went back to bed; got up with a stiff neck. Hurt like hell.

Got an app. to see a massage therapist and get the knot worked on -- can I just say I am such a dweeb? I walk in and the therapist is like "have you ever had a massage before?" me (thinking back to the dude in the Edison mall who chopped at my back for 15 minutes) "um yeah but it was a while ago." "Ok" she says brightly, "you can lie here after you take off your clothes."


I oblige hesitatingly and crawl into the sheets feeling self-conscious. That melts away once she grabs at that knot and starts disassembling it. OMG, it felt so good to have some relief.

So anyway, massage is cool. You should get one.

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