Wednesday, November 14, 2007

-- Sara died.

Learned 2 weeks ago that Sarah, Jeffrey's wife (a client that I became friends with) was diagnosed with cancer. She had just been diagnosed but it was already stage 4. I started getting stuff ready to send her a care package and got everything assembled including a letter I was writing, when I learned she died. She was only 62, my mom's age. It's just too young. She was so vibrant and funny. She went from diagnosis to death in 6 weeks. Linda and I were planning to visit -- Linda was going to drop everything and drive down from Vermont and we were going to go together.

Both of us got together these care packages we were going to bring and I had 2 books on cancer survivor stories and a pendant I found that I really liked that read, "What cancer cannot do... it cannot... invade the soul, suppress memories, kill friendship, destroy peace, conquer the spirit, shatter hope, cripple love, corrode faith, steal eternal life, silence courage."

I had this ready to go when I got home today from an all-day seminar in DC only to collapse in front of my computer and find out she died this morning. I felt terrible. Only 2 days before we were going to see her. I never got to say goodbye.

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