Saturday, December 8, 2007

-- So myspace really *does* check their new submissions

A friend of mine emailed me her myspace page a few days ago, but I can't view it b/c I'm not a member. I am so SICK of websites requiring me to join. Not another one! Not another darned password to remember! Still, I wanted to see her pictures so I figured FINE. I will set up a fake account, just for this purpose.

20 minutes later, Mr. Horace Microopthalmia is beaming out at me from behind his wheelbarrow-carrying self. Tho I scooped the pic up from somewhere on the internet, I did at least photoshop it and rub out the face out of respect for the original guy. No harm done and I had a laugh. Myspace didn't win!

Well I go to login the next day to view updates and guess what -- the whole thing had been deleted. Frak! My disappointment lasted 0.02 seconds and then I thought oh well, there goes 20 minutes of my life. (But I will not be setting up a real account.)

Here is my memorial to Mr. Microopthalmia. Your 20 minutes of fame served you well.

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