Wednesday, January 16, 2008

-- update on mold memories

So an old coworker calls me, remembering my fetid house stories of one of the worst cave cricket infestations pesticide companies have seen in 20 years of service (so I've been told).

"I'm doing a story on mold," she tells me. "Can I interview you?" I'm flattered to be remembered for my abject misery of buying a place without somehow realizing it needed to be stripped and sanitized of copious amounts of cat piss, vomit, mold, mildew, and insects.

I made arrangements for her to come over and film the bathroom, the spot of the heaviest infestation (where 8 gallons of cave cricket droppings, mold, and decaying insect bodies lay under the tub). Of course, this was 6 years ago and the bathroom is pristine now. What she really wants are the "before" photos so they will contrast nicely with today's clean and mold-free bathroom. Now I'm remembering the good old days -- good times. lol

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