Sunday, February 17, 2008

-- flight from hell

We spent the entire flight trapped next to a drunk Mahir-type guy who alternately grabbed at my hair and groped at Dan's crotch. Ok I am exaggerating -- he only grabbed/groped once -- but there was lots of shoulder hugging and passionate storytelling. "You are so American! You are the embodiment of America!" he exclaimed, reaching for Dan's face, "Your glasses! So American!!" He loved everyone and everything, which was great... but maybe a little too much. At least he wasn't a mean drunk.

Originally I was sitting next to him but when Dan sensed what was about to unfold (after the guy said, "as long as I'm touching you I'll be ok!") he leapt in-between us and bore the brunt of the guy's drunken affections. The next five hours were spent under a cloud of bad breath from the starving people behind us and the alcohol stench to our left. It was a loooong flight.

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