Friday, March 21, 2008

-- bird & wildlife rescue links in Maryland

Driving home I saw a beautiful robin in the road, felled by a car. I pulled over but it was too late, the poor thing had a broken neck. My heart weeps every time I see scene like this.

Because it's springtime and birds are gearing up for nesting, they're less cautious then usual and will sometimes fly into traffic in a mating chase. Please be especially watchful when driving. If you do find an injured bird, don't handle it directly with your hands but use paper towels or some other barrier.

Links to wildlife rehabilitators:
U.S wildlife rehabilitators
(searchable by state)

Maryland wildlife rehabilitators:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
1-877-463-6497 or 410-260-8940
*24 hour line that provides names and numbers of licensed wildlife rehabilitators

Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
(Directory of people who are certified in animal rescue -- sometimes you can bring an animal or bird directly to someone's house instead of a facility.)

Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary
Davidsonville, MD

Second Chance Wildlife Center
Gaithersburg, MD

It is polite to offer a donation to help with the burden of expenses.

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