Thursday, March 27, 2008

-- The dog's latest fit-induced injury

The dog is a spaz. His prey drive is so strong that he goes insane at the sight of small animals and nearly bashed in a toe over a squirrel. Last week's gash is healing nicely but this wound needed vet care.

So off we went. His toe was shaved and x-rayed to see if there was a small fracture but luckily it was just a soft tissue injury.

Now here's the care regimen, twice a day:

-5 minutes of soaking in a mixture of peroxide, salt, and warm water
-antibiotic/steroidal cream. The vet said as long as I can distract him for 5 minutes from licking it, he'll be ok. It's safe to eat they say.
-antibiotic & anti-inflammatory pills

He hates all of it, except the pills, which (as long as they're wrapped in cheese), he'll gulp down readily.

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