Thursday, March 13, 2008

-- example pix from the Naval Safety Center on how NOT to do things

The Naval Safety Center has this great photo-of-the-week archive where they portray examples of how NOT to do stuff. Here are some classics. I'm copying their text and linking over to their site if you want to see more.

Fridge Mover

Some folks sure are optimistic, aren't they?

Personally, I wouldn't assume this precarious position for a trip across the street, and even then I'd want some assurance that the load would only tip over forward instead of backward, and I had a big mattress between me and that refrigerator, and I was wearing a helmet and knee pads and elbow pads, and I had a couple other guys holding back traffic.

Not sure where these brave lads were headed, since this image arrived without commentary. But you have to wonder: Had this guy ever tried riding anything, anywhere, while standing up?

A correspondent in Mississippi found this fire extinguisher at the worksite of a roofing crew that was putting down some hot tar. These civilian contractors were repairing hurricane-damaged roofs on a naval base.

Usually, safety seals or tamper indicators are made of very light wire or plastic, not this heavy-duty zip-tie. Nothing like having to run around looking for a knife when the smoke and flames start rising.

“I have no idea what they were thinking,” our contributor wrote. I often feel the same way, until I realize that they weren’t.

What Happens When Nobody Will Help Push

Y’know, this probably isn’t all that unsafe, but boy, does it look futile. Are there no helpful neighbors nearby? No pedestrians willing to take five minutes to lend a hand? The street looks flat and that red car isn’t very big. What kind of engines do they put in those scooters, anyway?

On the plus side, we like the little red flag hanging behind the scooter. That will help when a distracted driver comes speeding down the street, talking on a cell phone, drinking a cup of coffee, and looking in his rear-view mirror.

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