Saturday, March 15, 2008

-- pix of my dog

So I finally made it to the store and stocked up. Also took the dog to the dog park for some fun. Here he is, playing with a ball, 65 pounds of unstoppable fluff:

Tycho is half samoyed, half Australian cattle dog. He was a rescue dog that we got from Mid-Atlantic Samoyed Rescue; they were pulling dogs from a collector's house (the polite term for nutjobs who have more animals than they can care for; in this case, sixty dogs in one home). The house was covered in filth and feces and was a terrble environment for both humans and animals.

A few days after they rescued the first batch of dogs, one of the females gave birth to a litter of puppies. Tycho came from that litter. Because there were 3 separate fathers there was a big variation in what the puppies looked like. I had no idea it was even physically possible for one female to carry pups fathered by more than one male but apparently that's what happened (and can be more common than most people realize).

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