Sunday, April 20, 2008

-- do you taste or smell in your dreams?

So I was cleaning urine (the dog's, not mine) out of the carpet today and I got to thinking. I don't ever remember eating in any of my dreams.

For an activity that takes up a huge amount of my waking life, why don't I ever dream about it? I mean, as an animal, most of my daily routine centers around staying alive. Since I am not running from wolves (at least not this week), this means my main survival focus is to eat. So why not in my dreams?

Come to think of it, there's a whole slew of things I never do in my dreams. I've sat on countless toilets in the middle of malls and classrooms, but not once have I ever actually *used* them in my sleep. The only important part must be sitting there naked. (Which by itself is interesting, since most of us do not need to strip completely to use the facilities -- I mean, even if there was a toilet in the middle of the mall and it were the societal norm to use it, wouldn't we at least have clothes on? Although if that was really a commonplace activity, some other phenomena symbolic of vulnerability would take its place in our heads at night.)

I've also never paid bills in my sleep. Never bathed the dog, took out the trash, had the flu, or shined a flashlight down my throat to gaze at my uvula.

So there's no eating or tasting in my dream world. Nor is there any smelling -- I don't think I've ever lingered over a pot of soup and inhaled its aroma or breathed in the scent of lilacs.

Is it just me? Do you taste or smell in your dreams?

Note: poll is completely anonymous.

Image from the 11 toilets from hell.

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