Tuesday, April 1, 2008

-- duped by self on April Fool's day!

So I'm looking over that link I posted earlier in LifeHacker about Top Harmless Geek Pranks when I come across this submission by Possumboy:

whack open an internet explorer or firefox window (whatever browser as long as it doesnt give you the option to disable javascript when you get alerts)and type this into their url bar:

javascript: for(i=1; i!=0; i++){ alert("youve pressed enter "+i+" times!\nkeep goin!");}

an hit enter! its fun watching them continuously pressing enter trying to get rid of the annoying alert knowing that it will never end.

And I think oh haha! That sounds funny!

So I figure I'll test it on myself before trying it for real. And then guess what. Like an idiot, I crashed my computer -- I accidentally ended the process "explorer" instead of "windows explorer." Three (3!) separate instances of rebooting did not bring it back! I was on the verge of calling IT in shame when the fourth reboot somehow worked (I think it's because whenever the computer reboots, IE is set to pop open automatically and the process was still running, until I figured out how to end it correctly. So I win today's ID10T error...

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