Sunday, April 27, 2008

-- went to Home Depot for tools, brought home kitten instead

Today we embarked on a tile expedition in preparation for ripping up our hideous floor and stopped by Home Depot for some tools. While there, I heard someone say, "They're giving away KITTENS!! back there!" and I immediately headed over. I've never actually had a cat of my own -- allergies prevented it -- but I always loved them from afar and wanted to see the cute little fluffballs.

Turns out the situation was stranger than I thought. The Home Depot we were in had a live-in cat to help with mice. Well this morning some employees were reaching up to a high shelf with a forklift and found a litter of 5 kittens. They were in a dangerous spot and if they had ventured out of their "den" could have fallen to their deaths. Employees brought the kittens down, stuck them in a container in the breakroom and began looking for homes. They probably shouldn't have been separated from the mom but the employees were worried that animal control would be called in and the kittens euthanized.

By the time I got there, two kittens were given away and three were left, tucked into a cooler with no access to food or water. Two looked half-dead. I thought we should bring the sick kittens to a rescue organization with a vet on staff for immediate care but take home the gray one to find a home.

Dan gave the two half-dead kittens some water and they perked up; shortly after that people adopted them. We were starting to fall in love with the gray kitten but weren't sure how it would work with our spaz dog whose only goal in life is to kill small animals. (Luckily he never achieves this goal; he's far too uptight and his rapid-fire staccato barks alert every living creature within a 200 yard radius well in advance of his approach but he never ceases trying.)

I have a mental list of at least 7 friends who might be able to help me find the kitten a home just in case it doesn't work out but secretly inside I hope we can keep her.

I've never seen a kitten quite like this - it was extremely affectionate and loveable even though it had never interacted with people before today. It made great eye contact, was not fearful or afraid of its surroundings, and was extremely playful and gentle. She's about 5 weeks old (at least the pet store people thought so, based on her size), no fleas or any obvious health problems but we'll take her to a vet for shots and a checkup as soon as we can.

She's better adjusted to noise and change than I would expect, I wonder if it's because she was born in the Home Depot where the whir of constant activity and machines has desensitized her?

The dog is just as excited about this new visitor as we expected. He can't be trusted with the kitten just yet but we'll see how the next few days go. And lets hope allergies aren't an issue.

Short 15 second video of kitten:


yfk said...

All I can say is, "Awe, how adoreable". Actually, I can say a lot, I usually can. :-)

Seems like your new little friend found her/himself a potential family. I agree, sounds like the kitten is desensitized to sound alright. I don't know what to do about the whole cat/dog issue, but there is a product out there which you can pick up from Whole Foods. It's called "BioAllers". You can Google it too. It's fairly inexpensive and has been doing the trick for my relatives who have animal and dander allergies, due to my cat. BioAllers is an all natural homeopathic alternative to drugs. FYI - their products are specific to the type of allergen, so don't just buy any one of them.

linda said...

CUTE kitty Holly! I hope you can keep him/her too! Keep us posted!

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