Thursday, May 22, 2008

-- climbing the walls (literally)

Went rock climbing today for the first time ever! Mary & Leigh Ann:Mary and I:
Here's the gym manager showing us how to tie knots and hook up the safety harness:
Leigh Ann is like a spider speeding up the walls!
The toe-holds are marked for difficulty level so you can plan your climb based on skill. I like the holds that are cupped so you can get your whole hand in there and grip:
The gym has two types of climbs you can do -- with the rope or free climbing:
Taking a break:
Leigh Ann started eyeing the cave hill. "Let's roll down!" This was the best part!
Leigh Ann free hanging from the giant uvula rock and me off to the left trying to stick to the walls:
Your hands can really hurt from gripping so hard!
This rocks!

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Slave to the dogs said...

I'm scared of heights - I think even a climbing wall is too much for me.

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