Tuesday, May 13, 2008

-- the dog's first trash binge

For the previous four years with the dog, we've been vigilant in keeping trash out of his sight. We never let him have access to it; it's harder to break a bad habit than prevent one from starting.

Well tonight, the dog's trash hymen broke. He has tasted the wicked joy of rotting garbage. In the chaos of floor destruction, we absentmindedly left a bag of trash next to the back door and he tore into it gleefully while we were away and ate with abandon.

I discovered he does not like orange rinds or banana peels but the greasy chinese food leftovers were choice finds. He devoured them so cleanly that the containers looked brand new, every last molecule was consumed. I also found a small thumb-sized shred of a popcorn bag which I am sure was once whole.

Now I cannot begin to describe the odors this dog is outgassing. But I have to go as the kitten just shredded my hand as I was typing; she needs to eat and I need to take care of newly-budding cat scratch fever symptoms.

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