Wednesday, May 21, 2008

-- funny conversations, overheard

Having spent the day flying and overhearing cell conversations, nothing trumps this post from my buddy Kyle:
I'm in george bush international airport in houston waiting for a flight to phoenix... [snip]

there's a really large and really irate woman sitting across feom me who is providing regional entertainment to gate 43, shouting into her cell phone "JOSH IS GOING TO HAVE TO GET ON HIS @)!;@!!@ KNEES AND BEG #!@;!;?,!) FORGIVENESS!! HE IS GOING TO LAY ON THE OFFICE FLOOR AND WE ARE ALL GOING TO TAKE A @!#?$;@ @$#,?;@ ON HIM! IT'S THAT @$!#?!'@'RS FAULT WE GOT THE 1.2 RATING AND THAT #$()@",?ER IF GOUNG TO $(!#?!@ing

she seems completely oblivious that everyone is canted about 20 degrees in her direction.

Ha! That wins hands-down but if anyone has any other funny overheard cell conversations, LMK. I still love overheardintheoffice and I'm picky about talking on the phone in public. There's not much that I need to blab away about at the grocery store or bank, it can usually wait until I'm someplace quiet where I don't feel like I'm being rude.


Followup update: Kyle has another post on his site about an overheard conversation at a wedding. Omg, this is too much!


TFO said...

That's so hilarious. I once tried to write a song using only lines of overheard conversations. It never quite developed though. So did you just go through Phoenix or do you live there? I grew up there.
just wondering. I am KellyGo's husband.

spleeness said...

T! From KGo's blog you seem so cool. It wasn't me in Phoenix, it was my buddy Kyle, who grew up in NJ but has been traveling out West to take photos for his next book. I love the idea of writing a song based on this! At the very least, it would make an interesting thread.

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