Thursday, May 22, 2008

-- hip hop dance class and the rest of my day

Mary and Leigh Ann in hip hop dance class.

I love to dance and came along to see what an actual class is like, since I often dance to exercise at home. Class began with manic-paced stretches leading into a tortuously-long string of situps and then the moves began. The instructor, or dance nazi, barked out instructions while flowing across the floor in a set of incomprehensible moves that we were supposed to mimic in real time. I was as graceful as pirouetting elephant.

Then we went back home and ate dinner. Here's how easy it is to give a dog a pill - Mary just threw it on top of the food for the dog to unknowingly suck down.
Then it was time to open presents.
One of the things I'd gotten her were a set of antique veterinary syringes (yay eBay!). It wasn't until she opened this that I realized why my luggage took so long to go through at the airport. Definitely not a common item among travelers.
I am having a blast!

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Slave to the dogs said...

We have to shove pills down our husky's throat! It's not pretty.

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