Tuesday, May 27, 2008

-- kitten update (any tips?)

(older pic, her eyes are now grayish green.)

Tonight's the second night the kitten is back home and she's finally used to the dog again. Last week she hissed and spat her way into my friend's home (who graciously agreed to watch the little ankle biter while we were away), bullying my friend's gentle resident cats. They were offended by this ungrateful stranger's rebuffs and took it out on me while I crooned; my attempts at friendship ended in bloodshed. That's the night I learned not to caress growling cats thrashing their tails.

Luckily things were ok after a few days and Sita got along beautifully. My friend couldn't believe how feisty the kitten was, unusually so. Same thing our vet said. I hope this doesn't mean she'll turn into a bitchy cat but there's no way to know.

So last night we retrieved the kitten and she hissed and spat her way back into our lives, the dog drama starting anew. Many times last night I questioned my sanity. But tonight the routine has been restored.

The kitten doesn't care much for being held, she mostly wants to play.

She does get more affectionate when less confidant though, like when I take her on walks around the neighborhood, holding her in my arms. She'll lean into my face and nuzzle against me periodically as if to be reassured that I'll keep her safe. I love this and nuzzle right back into that beautiful gray fur, kissing her sweet face.

If anyone has any advice on how to socialize a cat or just be a good kitty owner, I'd love to hear any tips!

I leave you with a post my friend Paul found about another blogger's kitten travails. I laughed so hard I cried.
Kittens can happen to anyone. ~Paul Gallico


Sornie said...

My cat gets nervous outside. She needs the security of walls or else she'll paw desperately at the door to regain entry into the fortress she calls home.

Niffer said...

I wish I could give you a secret on how to socialize your cat but I don't know any. I think my cats would be better with people if I had continued to have friends over throughout their lives. Cats are definitely creatures of routines so if you disturb the routine by inviting strangers over, they freak out. Unless it is routine to have friends over. That's my guess. I'll let you know if it ever proves to be true. =)

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