Saturday, May 31, 2008

-- short update: duct-taping birds-nest and scrubbing floor

A short but intense thunderstorm blew through here this afternoon. Hearing about it on the radio this morning I started to get worried about the bird's nest on our porch -- finches (house finches?) have built a nest in a wall decoration that blows off in the slightest wind. So although it looks white-trash, I duct-taped the nest to the siding:
Spent the rest of the day working and alternately getting the new tile floor ready for sealing. Because the edges are rough, lots of grout is embedded and requires getting down on hands and knees to scrub.I love the new floor, soooo much better than the old crappy Duraceramic / Durastone! I'll post more pix when we're done scrubbing, sealing, and have moved stuff back into place.

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Slave to the dogs said...

I'm glad you saved your bird's nest! My poor robin's nest went defunct. I've left it up hoping the parents will come back and try again.

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