Tuesday, May 20, 2008

-- tribute to Dr. Mary, congrats on graduating!

This post is for my best friend Mary who is graduating from vet school.

I'm packing now!The most important things are done....

Mary decided to go back to school 4 years ago to be a vet and this weekend she graduates. I can't think of a better person to be a vet. She has a natural way with animals. Here she is with one of her dogs, Neo:And also with Rissa, her beautiful samoyed:
She worked her a$$ off:

Here's her first spaying with her friend/colleague Leigh Ann; they are holding up the ovaries (Leigh Ann's on the left, Mary's on the right):
She took me on a tour of her school; here we are in the horse fridge, where horse cadavers hung from hooks awaiting student dissection:
No animal is too big to love:

Her sense of adventure has made this entire process look easy but I know it hasn't been. Here she is in Scotland:

And on a trip across the country last year, with her sweetie:
This last pic is special... NOW WE'RE EVEN!
See you soon!

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