Monday, June 2, 2008

-- channeling Peter Brady and the tarantula scene from Brady Bunch

Just before dawn I bolted out of bed. There have maybe been 3 times in my life I've done that - slam upright from a deep sleep. I don't remember what caused this before but this time something had lightly touched me under the covers.
Suddenly my subconscious imagined a very hairy and large tarantula making its way along my thigh. My brain, very disturbed by this possibility, yelled "CLEAR!" and administered 1,000 volts deep into my hypothalamus, rudely yanking me out of a very pleasant dream.

I ripped the covers off and, poised like a praying mantis, readied to simultaneously spring across the room and bludgeon the offending intruder into a fine paste, favorite sheets or no. It's amazing how quickly one can go from stage IV sleep to a ninja stance.

But there was no spider. It was Dan twitching in his sleep.

Yeah, I'm a little high strung.

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