Tuesday, June 17, 2008

-- high school reunion

This past Saturday I went to a high school reunion. I'd thought for years that I wouldn't bother going but I went anyway. And had a blast! Even the mean people were nice, one of them even came over and apologized:
him: "I'm so sorry I was a jerk to you in 3rd grade!! I just had to tell you. There's a lot of people I need to atone to."

me: "Aw that's so nice! If it makes you feel any better, I don't remember. All I remember is Scott F. in 6th grade screaming something  embarrassing at me down the hall.
I felt humbled knowing all these great people, all so beautiful and kind. I had this sense of all of us moving through life connected by our memories and our youth. There's a kinship in having a shared history and it's comforting.

However the night ended on a nerd note. An old acquaintance I'd spent half the evening talking to kindly drove me to my car (since it was after midnight and my car was half a mile away in a strange place). Once we were outside and I didn't have to scream over the band anymore I suddenly felt shy. I started naming people we'd both known in grade school.
me: "Have you heard from David A.?"

him: "no."

me: "I wonder how he's doing."

him: "me too."

(nearing my car)

me: "oh! Did you hear about Keith P.?"

him: "no, what happened?"

me: "he died. Nite!"
Um, not the best way to break terrible news... d'oh!

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Kelly O said...

... HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Excellent. I would have found that all endlessly charming.

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