Wednesday, June 4, 2008

-- wardrobe malfunction pic (by popular demand)

Since so many of you have (privately) cracked up at my expense and asked for a picture, FINE. Here's a visual for you. Actual skirt, actual outfit, actual stance, actual evening, but environment re-enacted (in the safety of my room).If I'm ever senator someday, please just keep this between us, ok?


Slave to the dogs said...

Oh no! That's one of every girl's nightmares. How long did it take until you noticed/someone kindly pointed it out to you discreetly?

spleeness said...

Only about 5 minutes... but I keep going over my evening at work and wondering who exactly may have seen it. I was leaving work and walking *next* to a (very nice) male coworker who claimed he didn't notice but I'm not sure if there was anyone else around that did. Luckily a female behind me ran up the hall to warn me. I was mortified, but extremely grateful she said something, even though she was a complete stranger!

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