Thursday, July 17, 2008

-- most difficult email address ever

So I was flipping through a local magazine today when I came across an ad for Maryland personal chef Asmeret Gebregzabhair. Being a web designer who regularly consults business owners on how to be accessible to their clientèle online, I had to laugh when I saw his email address. I'm changing the @ part of the email for his privacy's sake and so spam bots do not harvest his email from my blog post but tell me this is not one damn hard to remember address:

This wins my prize for most difficult email address ever because A. it's REAL, he did not make this up, and B. there is no way anyone is going to remember it, except the guy's family because they have the same last name.

My advice is: go with easy! Easy is good, especially if it's your business contact address!

1 comment:

Kelly O said...

... DUUUUUUDE. That rocks. The single worst address I've ever seen.

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