Thursday, July 31, 2008

-- sex offenders in the neighborhood

This is kinda scary. Someone sent me a link to a website which will let you plug in your address and then view all the nearby rapists and molesters:

I combed through the map and wondered if I'd ever seen any of these people in the local supermarket. I also wondered what the story was behind their offense, like what is the difference between 4th degree rape and 1st degree rape? And "sexual offense of a minor" -- I wondered whose children were victims: their own or someone else's? And these are just the people who were caught. It's sobering.

**hey, update. Some people commented that all may not be as it seems; one forwarded a link to a This American Life episode worth listening to (see act 2).


Kimmers said...

Ok, this kind of terrified me. I could spend hours clicking on those squares. Definitely scary!

kevinforgot said...

pretty scary stuff. yeah, i can't help how hilarious i am. i was born this great. did i mention i'm not cocky at all, or sarcastic? i'm also single. i know you got some cougars that want to meet me...

Niffer said...

This was scary, especially when you are able to see the person's face. It makes my tummy do weird knot-like things.

Having said that, though, this can be a little deceiving. I know of two examples:

1. I know a guy who got convicted of raping a minor, but she was really his girlfriend. He was older than 21 and she was younger than 18. They're still together, but he was convicted because her mom was pissed when she found out her daughter was sexually active. It was her mom that sued him. He's on the list.

2. My BIL's brother was convicted of rape as well. He actually chose to plead guilty just because it was the easiest thing to do. He claims that they were both drunk and that she consented. He's on the list.

Though even I admit that I lose respect for a person who even finds himself in such a situation, I must also admit that I just don't know the whole story.

I realize that neither of these two examples compare to the evil that I'm sure some of these people have done. And I'm sure that the list is a good one to keep in mind, and it's good information to have. Trust me, I appreciate it, especially keeping my daughter in mind.

I just wanted to mention that it's not quite as evil as it may indicate. You never really know the full story of many of these convictions. I don't think you need to know the full story of the children-related ones, but I think you get my point.

Anonymous said...

You should take this stuff with a grain of salt. see Act 2.

spleeness said...

Yeah, you know what. I should have mentioned that as I was looking at the convictions, I wondered what the stories were behind them, and if any were incidents like what you commented on. Maybe the degree assigned to the charge is a clue? I dunno. Thanks for bringing up great points to consider.

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