Tuesday, August 19, 2008

-- foodshopping, cleaning frenzy, and Kyle & Trillian

Kyle & Trillian stopped by tonight on their way to DC for an interview tomorrow with National Geographic Explorer about Kyle's bookArmed America.

I ran out to buy food since I realized I need to have more than a 17-month old box of raisins on hand. (Kimmers, I need your cupcakes right about now!)

I wish I'd taken a before picture of the spare room to document its transformation from the junk room to guest facility. The room's about as big as the bed (which is a pullout trundle morphed here into a king) -- no room on either side but maybe a foot at the end of the bed. If you sleep over, this is where you'll stay. But I promise, the sheets are soft, clean and comfie!Update: It's now 2:22am and Kyle, Trillian and Dan are shooting photos for one of Kyle's current projects. Way cool. When he mentions it on his blog, I'll link to it.


Kimmers said...

I think our place is too small for overnight guests... which is probably a blessing in disguise! :)

hautepocket said...

That's so cool! And for what it's worth, the bed looks totally comfy.

Kelly O said...

I can't WAIT to see the photos!

Kyle said...

thanks for having us!

trillian said...

The bed and sheets were incredibly comfy! Thank you for putting us up! It was lovely.

TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER said...

you said trundle. did you do that on purpose? what are the chances?

#2 on http://isweatbutter.blogspot.com/2008/08/tagged-7-more-little-things.html

spleeness said...

omg. You're right! Habit dies hard. ;)

Gentle readers, see isweatbutter's blog post at


"if you gave me the opportunity to delete any two words from the english language, they would be moist and trundle. moist is just a really dirty word, i'm pretty sure you could describe something just as well using the word "damp," so lets go ahead and do that from now on people. trundle, according to webster's means to roll; usually used to describe a trundle bed. a trundle bed? seriously? if you have one, i think your phone is ringing; you better get it, it's carol brady, she needs her furniture back in 1969. a trundle bed, could just as easily be called a hide-a-bed or a roll-a-bed, therefore no longer necessitating the need for the word trundle. and god forbid you happen to have moist sheets on your trundle bed, you may just find me hanging from a helicopter, by a piece of dental floss tied around my little toe, over a pit of snakes. backspace, backspace, DELETE. thank you for your anticipated cooperation in dealing with this matter."

The sheets, however, were NOT moist... so can I talk you down from the 'copter? ;)

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