Wednesday, August 6, 2008

-- back from jury duty

Waited... and waited... and waited... for nothing. All four cases dissolved, melted into thin air, and 300+ jurors were dismissed after hours and hours of sitting in a stagnant room on lumpy couches full of stains that must only speak of days of bored cheetoh-eating coffee-drinking jurors wiping their hands on the fabric, and nights of court janitorial staff wildly pimping out the only comfortable spot in the building. I came home and wanted to take a shower I felt so dirty. I was mildly grateful that the stains were not wet (and thus fresh) so my clothes didn't (at least visibly) pick up any protein secretions.

I was touched though, in some weird, unexpected way, of being part of the justice process. I mean, at least the idea of it. The video they showed, "YOU THE JURY" worked; I felt honored to participate. I didn't expect that.

There was 1 civil case and 3 criminal cases. I wonder what they all were. And how can criminal cases just be dismissed? Odd.

The kitten got spayed today, I picked her up on the way home. They brought her out and said, "um, she's not that happy right now. "

I peered into the cage and cooed, "Sita!" and she answered, "PfffFFTTT!!!!" Poor thing. She sounds like me sometimes.

I drove home with the sounds of hell emanating from the back seat feeling alternately impressed by her new repertoire and protective yet helpless. She must really be miserable. Bullsht she's not in pain (like the vet said). The pain med injection might have helped but surgery is surgery.


kevinforgot said...

that happened to me too!! i went to jury duty in philadelphia and ended up apparently saying something that wasn't in the "NO-SPIN ZONE" (get the billo reference, hopefully) and they booted me. too bad they want moron jurists instead. i won't argue. i got paid $8 for really hard work, and then paid $10 for parking. wait, what? yes, that's right. i paid $2 to go to jury duty.

Kimmers said...

Awwww poor kitten! It's always hard taking the animals in for surgery.

hautepocket said...

When we brought out kitty back from being spayed she was still partially sedated. She tried to jump onto the bed, but ended up getting stuck hanging off the side. LOL.

spleeness said...

@kevinforgot: ugh!! You PAID to do public service? So not fair!

spleeness said...

@kimmers: Kitty is doing better today, poor thing! We warned the dogwalker: "she's in a bad mood, please don't pick her up." She's been pissed since yesterday, poor thing.

@hautepocket: lol, I can picture it b/c Sita did something similar tonight!

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