Sunday, August 17, 2008

-- the bed of pain is gone!

So, if you've been following along (or happen to sit next to me at work), you've heard me b*$tching about the downstairs remodeling work going on now for over a year. It started with the kitchen and morphed into a "as long as we're doing that, why don't we just rip the house down and start over?" kind of project.

Then, in a sadistic move to further dismantle the last known places of comfort and order in the house, I sold my cheap, ugly desk and our bed of pain before their replacements were here. I paid bills on the floor for 4 months. Today I finally assembled a replacement cabinet and tomorrow the new mattress arrives.
Dan hauling the mattress of pain downstairs in a final act of labor. The new bed does not have to be flipped, rotated, skewed or plumped like those in mattress past.

Sita helps me assemble the new (cheap and ugly, but smaller and more space efficient) cabinet.

The final product! I realize this is not quite magazine material but somehow it feels like an accomplishment anyway.


kevinforgot said...

cheap and ugly, just the way i like them... oh wait

hautepocket said...

Yay! So happy for you. P.S. Sita is adorable. Me want.

Kimmers said...

Looooove remodel projects - hahahahahaha not. *sob*

Congrats on the space efficient cabinet! As someone who just downsized into a smaller space, I feel your pain.

And the bed thing? Definitely a must. Comfy mattress = heaven.

Also: omg you TOTALLY GET the cupcake thing! 2 freaking batches and only 2 cupcake tins to work with. That took me HOURS! Aughhhh your commented left me feeling so validated, lol.

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