Monday, August 25, 2008

-- FREE camera lens giveaway (Nikon 85mm f 1.8 )

Kyle Cassidy is giving away a camera lens to the right person. Pop by and see about "applying" for it. Spread the word, yo. Starving art students everywhere should all be informed.


christofer jon quinto said...

hi is it real? free camera lenses?? may i be the one?? pleasE??.. im from philippines those things are very expenssive so bad i can;t afford 1

Lance said...

Hello my name is Lance Putt, I am a photography student from Spokane Wa, and I would really appreciate the lens you are giving away. I am a pretty good photographer I am only 2 quarters in so far but I recently had my camera bag stolen. I haven't been shooting since I am raising my daughter on my own and cant afford to buy new equipment so I am doing what I can to gather some. Here are some of my images so you can see my work and if you think I will put the lens to good use.

Lance said...

wow I just realized that this was posted in 20089 lol I'm assuming its gone.

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