Monday, August 18, 2008

-- People with that brain-eating virus should really just take a sick day (from the Onion)

I am laughing so hard I am crying:
"And those annoying exploding pustules that shoot green mucus across the room-yuck! Jerry was in the kitchen with me when those sores decided to go off, and one landed right in my salad! I had to throw it out! I'm still a little peeved at him, even after he drowned himself in a mop bucket to stop the pain."

People With That Brain-Eating Virus Should Really Just Take A Sick Day (from The Onion)


Sornie said...

I saw that Onion "story" too and thought it was just a tad too real. It's like being told to go back to work after hip replacement surgery because "you just sit in a chair all day" or something ridiculous like that.

hautepocket said...

I always know that I can count on The Onion for a good laugh. I grew up outside of Madison (where it's 'from,' so I've always been a huge fan!)

Niffer said...

I LOVE the Onion! In Boulder (not sure if it's done anywhere else), they print it like a real newspaper. It was the highlight of many college students' weeks... Wednesday you'd see everyone reading their Onion in class. For some reason I never really got into reading it online. There was something about the real thing that spoiled me, which is strange because I hate newspapers.

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