Sunday, September 28, 2008

-- habitat for sanity

Today a bunch of us went to a friend's house to work on a house project in a labor exchange we are calling "habitat for sanity." Today's project was to frame out a closet and hang a pocket door.

Getting started. The first step is moving equipment into place; the trusty miter saw is placed on the front porch for later use.

Looking over the directions.

What is "PELLIGROSO!!!!"??

Ah nevermind. We'll work around it.
Virgin ceiling. Hmm, where to put the frame?

Extension cords, a must for every do-it-yourselfer.
The first cuts.

Walk-in closet, here we come. Fully framed, now ready for the pocket door.
The door is hung

Kitty approves.


TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER said...

that 4th picture makes me want to make a witty comment questioning how many men in safety goggles it takes to change a drill bit, but i'll refrain.

Libby said...


hautepocket said...

I approve of kitty! (Oh yea, and the project. ;))

Susan said...

If I'd known my cat was that photogenic, I'd have sent her out to earn her keep by modeling long ago!

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