Sunday, September 14, 2008

-- kayaking at Calvert Cliffs

Went kayaking with a local park to go fossil hunting along the sandstone cliffs along Chesapeake Bay's Calvert Cliffs. We entered the water at Black Hill Park and paddled about 2 miles to a narrow beachfront to hunt for 10 million year old shark's teeth.

The rule was, no digging in the cliffs themselves, only at our feet. We scooped up great gobs of sand and shells and sifted through the muddy mess to look for fossilized dental plates and shark's teeth. We found quite a few! They are small and black, no larger than my thumbnail. Then we paddled two miles back home.
I loved being on the water. There's something about the bay's deep gentle waves; they induce a peace I wish I could experience much more often.

Dan has more info (and a link to more pix) on his blog. -->


TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER said...

i wanna go! what do you do with gazillion year old shark teeth? i think you should dangle them on 4 inch hoops, for that tyra banks show look.

...just a suggestion.

hautepocket said...

Oh this looks fabulous! I think I'm due for a trip out of the city!

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