Wednesday, September 24, 2008

-- overheard at the concert

Scenario: After Monday night's concert, saw two girls draped over lead singer, vying for his attention. He leaves with one of them.

Dejected girl: "I've been following this band since 1990! And HE WILL be back. He always comes back!! He can't forget THESE." (shakes chest emphatically)

Me (to friend who also overheard): "Um, I really think just ANY of those will do in a pinch!"


Niffer said...

Seriously? It's strange to me that there are people who think that *theirs* are better than any others. Or that *theirs* outweighs any thing else someone has to offer. Obviously the band member saw something he liked better in the other girl than what he saw in the girl who follows him around and he can't get rid of. LOL.

spleeness said...

YES! My thoughts exactly. WTF? I guess I just don't understand groupie mentality.

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