Saturday, September 13, 2008

-- pray for lower gas!

So I'm sitting here eating dinner and reading Harper's Index. I had to share these:
  • Estimated number of U.S. lives saved per month by $4 gasoline, through reduced driving nationwide: 1,000
    (Sobering. I had to sit a minute and visualize this.)

  • Number of U.S. gas stations where the group Pray at the Pump has gathered to ask God to lower the price: 12
    (Can't they pray for something more meaningful like world peace, better rice yields, the cure for cancer...etc.?)

  • Rank of Obama's primary victory among the greatest events in U.S. history, according to Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in May: 1
    (Yes, it's really cool. But in ALL of U.S. history...?)

  • Number of extra books of the Bible he said could be written to "chronicle its significance": 1

  • Average number of names added to the U.S. terrorist watch list each month: 20,000.

  • Date on which Nelson Mandela's name was removed: 7/1/2008
    (Um, what was he doing on it in the first place??)

  • Percentage by which the average incidence of fires and traffic accidents on Fridays the 13th differs from that of other Fridays: -4
    (Yes! Friday the 13th rules!)
source: Harper's Magazine, October 2008.


Michael Berman said...

sounds like if you value life, you should pray for HIGHER gas prices..

bodelou said...

woah. weird on nelson mandela. seems that they add the names and forget to take them off. i suppose there are some dead people still on that list.

ps. see ya at the pump, its sunday and ive got some prayer for the man upstairs...

Kelly O said...

Pray at the pump? SERIOUSLY? There's so much wrong with that whole scenario that I'm unable to decide what to make fun of first.

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