Thursday, September 18, 2008

-- what's the weirdest thing in your purse?

Me: "So when my sis went to the Tyra Bank's show, she won the 'weirdest item in purse' contest."

Dan: "What was in her purse?"

Me: "A can of tuna fish."

Dan: "That's not weird!"

Me: "I know!"

Dan: "I've even had cans of tuna in my man bag!"
So are we weird or is this more common than everyone at the Tyra Bank's show thought? What's the strangest thing you've ever had in your purse (or man bag)?


kevin forgot said...

why do you have 2 separate blogs? i get no credit for twittering the domain names (assuming that is how you discovered it) :-( *crying myself to sleep* oh and another thing, you never came back!!

TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER said...

i forever keep a chefs knife and a pair of tongs in my 'man bag.' it's gotten me into trouble a few times when i forget that it's in there and try and enter a federal building or something. but i must say, it has also saved me many a times in whipping up a meal on the fly...

spleeness said...

@kevinforgot: I'm back! And I (finally) credited you, go see. But you never answered... what's in your man bag?

@tony: I wish you'd been at the Tyra Banks show, you would have won for sure. Oh wait. Maybe you're not into Tyra Banks. Even *I'm* not into Tyra Banks.

spleeness said...

that much.

Kelly O said...

Um, tongs? Really?

I keep a waiter's corkscrew with me at all times. But I wouldn't say that's weird. I'd say that's smart!

Niffer said...

What purse? I haven't had a purse since Ellie was born!

However, looking back... I kept rocks in my purse. Every now and then I'd find a cool acorn or pine cone and toss that in.

I'm guessing (or hoping) that's more common than cans of tuna fish!

bodelou said...

this would be genuinely tough to narrow down, because i have a big bag with a lot of random crap. today the weirdest things would be a gluestick or a screwdriver

hautepocket said...

"Man bag." Haha. I once had a butter knife in my purse...and more recently, a taco. :) But even those things are not *that* strange.

spleeness said...

@kellygo: ah! I will now turn to you if out and the dilemma of how to open bottles comes up! Smart.

@niffer: pine cone! That's pretty neat. I can't imagine it would be *very* common, but at least as much as a can of tuna?

@bodelou: a screwdriver, v. cool. Means you're juggling projects. I'd imagine guys like this discovery.

@hautepocket: you realize part of your upcoming Q&A session will now involve furthering the stories of how a taco and butterknife came to live in your purse? (no matter how short the time...)

Dolores Haze said...

hummm...a can of tuna fish? that is lunch, right?

but my purse doesn't have anything of extraordinary, but once a friend of mine had a vibrator on is purse...I guess it was putted there so nobody see it, and she told me that he had it on her purse... (gosh, this is kinda grouse...:S)

but, yup, I guess it was it...

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