Friday, October 3, 2008

-- tell me, what are your favorite blogs?

I'm leaving in about 5 hours for a vacation (will be gone for a week, going to Mexico!). A housesitter will be watching over things back home so the animals are set but not me -- I am frantically packing but should be sleeping! This post may stagnate until I get back so since I've been wanting to ask for a while, I'll just bring it up now.

What are your favorite blogs? I'm looking for additional reading material. I've been setting up Google reader for all my fave content and I'd love your suggestions on blogs you really enjoy reading. (Hey it was through other people that I found all the blogs that I read now, so y'all have good taste!)

Looking forward to some good suggestions when I get back! (Of course I'll be checking out your own blog if this is the first time you're commenting, so thx!)


Libby said...

those are just a few (i was obviously too lazy...err tired to make actual links to them;-P)

i like hautepocket, too, but she's already on your list

have a super wonderful vacation!

kevin forgot said...

my own, obviously. i'm amazing and not cocky at all.

Michael Berman said...

hautepocket said...

First off, I love that cartoon.

A few of my favorites:

Wild ARS Chase
A Day in the LIfe of a Ginger
and Mama's Losin' It

Those are the three that come to immediate mind, and they are all on my blogroll. Have a great trip. I'm jealous!

hautepocket said...

Oh, also: It's a Bloggy Blog World:)

Kelly O said...

I love my friends' blogs best, I really do. It's a great way of keeping in touch with everyone. But other than that, here are a few favs:

I Can Has Cheezburger
Cute with Chris

Kimmers said...

My immediate favs:
Mama's Losin It
I Need a Martini... Now
Charming but Single
Bridget Jones has Nothing on Me
Mindy Does Minneapolis

They're all on my blogroll... Along with all my other favs. :)

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