Tuesday, November 18, 2008

-- awards! For me and you.

Wow! What could be more awesome than kicking back on vacation with my email & readings only to see I was nominated for two bloggy awards?

One from Haute Pocket, whose blog name I can never write without also saying it out loud just because it's so much fun, passed on the Super Scribbler Award after winning it herself. Thanks, HP, you are the best! And NO I am not on drugs. You ARE witty and brilliant. I await eagerly for your book. (C'mon now, time's a wasting! Well I'll give you some leeway. You can start on it after the big move.) Readers, if you need a laugh, check out miss HP and you'll be giggling in nine seconds, guaranteed. I love her passionate and hilarious rants, like this list, love at first (nipple) sight, and, a post I've read multiple times when I needed a laugh, sometimes a girl just needs some cock.

The other, the Kreative Blogger Award, from Kimmers for Life, another one of my favorite bloggers and budding authors. I first found Kimmers shortly after she got allergy testing. Her account at the doctor's had me laughing out loud and I was hooked. Sometime after that came her hilarious post on the suckiness of renovation but my alltime favorite, however, is this: kimmer's account of a day at work (short but sweet!). I emailed it to 16 of my friends minutes after she put it up.

So now I am passing these on. (Note, if someone else has already nominated you, I'm trying not to repeat it even if I wanted to anyway...). However, if you have won ONE of these awards and not the other (like Kimmers) then I am nominating you for the other one. Otherwise, I pass on both!
kellygo - she describes even pieces of ordinary life with clarity, feeling and humor. Not to mention she makes the world's most delectable monster cupcakes. I know because I've eaten them. But even if I didn't know her personally, she would still be on my fave list.

isweatbutter - One of the first bloggers I started loyally following, I love this guy. His posts either make me laugh and feel warm inside or make me dive deeper into myself but yet somehow feel less alone. He his deep and funny and because of this, I will forgive him for telling me about head cheese.

kimmers for life - Kimmer's posts read like a best friend's letter -- honest and open and funny. Reading her blog is like taking a short vacation from everyday life into someone else's sharp and unpretentious mind. She is going to be a bestselling author someday but y'all have proof right here: I knew her first!

A day in the life - I stalk his blog for hilarious posts about his unmarried redneck neighbor, food, and himself. I have to keep kleenex handy to wipe my screen (or at least be smart enough not to drink) when reading his wry updates.

Jeepgirl - not only a good blogger but a really interesting person. I called hubby over recently. "Look at her account of her past 10 years, doesn't she sound so cool?" Her writing is honest and fun and she seems like a blast to hang out with, especially on Halloween.

Niffer all grown up - I kick myself for all the times hubby said "you know, I have this really cool coworker we should hang out with" but somehow life got too busy. Except for the one time we did meet up, just before she moved across the country. Her funny and thoughtful posts about raising a family go right to my core.

Another excuse to procrastinate
- Another blogger that makes me feel like I'm hanging out with an old friend. I read her recent post about doing yoga on wii fit and, though I'd never heard of it before, now have to check this out! Libby is sweet and funny and I love reading about her death marches hikes!

The QC report - this blogger is actually writing a book and when it's ready, I am buying it. Several copies. I discovered her blog right after I adopted a kitten and a friend emailed me her kitten post (scroll to "Guest Quarters" or read the whole funny archive). I usually end up emailing snippets to friends with one hand over my mouth stifling my laughter.
Thanks, y'all, for being you. You know I love you all!


Libby said...

awww...thanks:-) i've enjoyed reading your blog, too!

also, you should totally get wii fit...i haven't had time to blog about my experiences with it that much, but more is to come. lets just say its a little too "smart" for its own good;-P

kevin forgot said...

i'm going to let this one slide because i know you're working on an ENTIRE entry devoted to my greatness. i guess i'll just have to be patient.

hautepocket said...

Aww...you're sweet. Although, I can't help but notice that the two blog entries you linked to include the words 'nipple' and 'cock.' Gosh...I'm so responsible...

I think you're about to get some interesting Google search hits. ;)

justacoolcat said...

I'm also a fan of the Sornie Red Neck neighbor posts.

kimmers said...

Awww, thank you so much for this award, and for all the wonderful things you said about me in your post! Thank you for always being such a faithful reader and commenter. Someday soon I really am going to write that book. :)

Now I think I need to check out some of these other blogs... :)

tony a.k.a. isweatbutter said...

you will NEVER eat another slice of snout-jell-o-tube without thinking of me. ever. and i'm completely fine with that. isweatbutter/isweatheadcheese, same difference.

and i must be retarded because i don't know how many times i have seen the name 'hautepocket' on your blog, and i NEVER got it, until just now. i'm an idiot.

thanks for the kudo, kiddo.

Kelly O said...

Oh dude, thanks! You're the best.

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