Monday, November 10, 2008

-- keep out! (now and then)

My coworkers are awesome! They surprised me with birthday-halloween decorations to my cube. You're the best web peeps a girl could ever ask for. :)

The janitor has been taking the sign quite seriously though. He doesn't want to venture past the fringe into the unknown to clean. Obviously this is the sign I needed as a teen when I fervently wished for privacy.

Like the time I was utterly exhausted from a heavy school schedule and late-night shifts at a restaurant. I hadn't had a single break in four months. My first day off was approaching and I was GOING to sleep late, dammit. This was when I was living with my dad, stepmom and stepbrother who are all early risers. No problem, I thought, I'll just warn them. I got home from around 2am from work, long after everyone was asleep and wrote, with huge markers, "ENTER AND DIE" on sign, posted it to my door and retired blissfully into a deep slumber, peacefully imagining no interruptions to my bruised and battered bodily clock. I would wake whenever I was ready.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. At 7:00 a.m. EVERY member of the household busted down the door. "DID YOU SEE THE RUBBER BANDS?" "My hamster's loose!" "The realtors are coming, wakeup!" "You left the hall light on last night!"

I wanted to scream!

Instead, I drew a crude cartoon. (Apologies for the crappy scan, the text didn't show that well so I had to redo it.)

In college, I learned how to sleep through disturbances, however. When determined enough, I will not wake up no matter what. My old roomie would blast the radio and use her hair dryer 4 feet from my head and I managed to sleep through it. Not blissfully, but I took what I could get!

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kimmers said...

I. would. freak.

I'm not a morning person AT ALL. Just a few days in a row of not getting enough sleep and I'm a miserable bitch.

Enter caffeine. :)

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