Saturday, November 1, 2008

-- photos from Brookside Gardens

Marigold in the fall sunlight.

The FAQ over at "National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)" says most readers visit blogs in the morning so they recommend posting earlier in the day rather than later. I tend to write late at night but today's Saturday so here goes! Some pictures from yesterday.

A picture of my buddies taking a picture.

Usually I spend my lunches hunched over on a stairmaster but yesterday I went out with some coworkers for a photoshoot. They had fancy cameras, me just my new point-n-shoot (but waaay better than my old cell phone camera).

I used the Canon SD 1100 IS (IS stands for "image stabilization" and is what compensates for shaky hands and/or lack of a tripod). What an awesome camera. It's better at closeups than panoramas.
Experimenting with the whole "artistic eye" thing (since I suck at that).

Kev being his awesome funny self.

More flowers.


Christie Lanning said...

Such pretty pictures.

kevin forgot said...

those flower pics came out really well!! how was the party?!

Kimmers said...

Nice pics! Good luck with posting every day... I'm giving it a shot too. I'm thinking some days are gonna be TOUGH but I'm determined to make it through. :)

Niffer said...

I LOVE Brookside Gardens! We were lucky enough to have some friends who live a few blocks from there so we went relatively often. My favorite pregnancy pictures were taken there.

spleeness said...

@niffer, I loved the photo album, how sweet! Ellie is going to treasure that when she is older.

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