Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where did "spleeness" come from?

Where did I come up with the name Spleeness?

I became smitten with the word spleen back in Anatomy & Physiology class. Something about it made me laugh. Plus, the spleen is a filtering organ, and I am constantly filtering life experiences into words. The "ess" part feminizes it (and was also available, since everyone else already took "spleen" as a username).

I'm not the only one with spleenophilia. There's a whole Usenet group, alt.spleen, including the infamously humorous spleen FAQ which I encourage you to read. It addresses pressing issues such as:
  • What did Ricky say when Lucy came home with an extra spleen?
  • Who has the most spleens?
  • When I die, should I convert my spleen to binary?
  • Continue to alt.spleen FAQ.
Spleen WIN!


hautepocket said...

There are worse things to be obsessed with, I would say!

Niffer said...

Naming your blog is an interesting process. I ended up using Niffer because it's a nickname that is usually reserved to those who are closest to me. It originated in high school when a guy was renaming all the Jennifers because there were too many of them. I was named Niffer. It just so happened to coincide with me working at the YMCA and the kids started calling me Niffer. But it wasn't until my Mom's boyfriend at the time started calling me Niffer that it really stuck. Now Niffer is reserved for those relationships I find really special (like my husband), and to those "strangers" who read my blog. LOL.

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