Monday, December 1, 2008

-- good reason to cut hair

IF your hair is healthy and you happen to have about 10 inches too much, you can donate it to Locks of Love, like my girlfriend above.

I would consider this but people who color their hair can't donate it. I mention this not to reveal all my embarrassing personal grooming secrets online -- I've already done that -- but because I knew of someone who chopped all their hair off only to learn it couldn't be used; the stylist never mentioned the criteria.

(And, um, isn't that kindof important? I walk in and say, "hello, I want to donate my hair," you say, "great, we need 10 inches," I say, "bummer, that's shorter than I wanted but ok if it means someone with none can have some" and then you shave my head bald, I'm going to be pretty upset if it ends up in the trash! So, as a fellow hair-owner with a biased interest in follicle preservation, I am considering it somewhat of a personal responsibility to spread this word.)

So this post is dedicated to my good friend and M, who lopped off 10 inches of her thick red hair so that someone else in need can enjoy her beautiful full locks.

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AndreaLeigh said...

Wow! you did good! do you feel like a new person with shorter hair?

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