Saturday, December 6, 2008

-- hmmm, what would YOU do?

So I had to take a special quiz at work that showed my understanding of people's privacy and how to protect their information. Here was one of the questions. If you get this wrong, you really should be demoted or fired:
In performing your work-related duties, you have discovered interesting personal information concerning a co-worker. You must:

A.) send an anonymous memo to other coworkers detailing the personal information

B.) call someone in personnel to verify that the information is true, then discuss it with others in the break room.

C.) protect the information with the same heightened awareness as you would other personally identifiable information.
DUH. Either this was a freebie or there really ARE people out there that'd get this wrong!


tony a.k.a. isweatbutter said...

i would need a bit more info before i could answer... like, how juicy is the personal info?

Michael Berman said...

I like the term "heightened awareness" - it suggests someone alert and in the zone, stretching every sinew to preserve personal information. Oh what a feeling!

Rachel said...

Um, all I really have to say is WOW!

If people don't know it's B, they really need help. ;)

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