Wednesday, December 17, 2008

-- three truths and a lie. Guess which!

Yesterday we had our office holiday party and played a game: three truths and a lie. Here was my favorite, from a creative and funny coworker. We were supposed to guess which one was the lie:
  • Once fell down the stairs at the Kennedy Center
  • Once fell down the stairs at Lawnfield (home of President James A. Garfield)
  • Once fell down the stairs at the National Archives in DC
  • Once fell down the stairs at Monticello
Ha!! So creative. So which one did NOT happen to him? (Hint: second before last... :)

My 4 items were:
  • I was on an emergency squad in college
  • I was born around Christmas
  • I once took a bus trip up the Andes mountains in Ecuador at midnight
  • I used an Asbury Park Press newspaper van to move all my furniture once
So take a guess. Which one's the lie? (answer -->)


tony a.k.a. isweatbutter said...

what are the chances that one fellow could bust his ass at more than one historic-ish landmark? KLUTZ.

i can't decide on yours though, but i really hope you took advantage of the press for something other than that rag of a paper...

kevin forgot said...

for yours, i'm going to say... you weren't born around Christmas because i haven't heard anything about your birthday coming up. and if it is coming up, why didn't you tell me?!
here's mine. it won't be an easy one to figure out, let me tell you that much ;-)

1. i played an entire tennis season undefeated.
2. i went to the swimming divisionals and got 2nd place in the BREAST stroke. yeah, i started young.
3. i played drums in a punk band.
4. i "played" (i use the term loosely) on my high school bowling team.

Niffer said...

This reminds me of when my husband used to play online games (Everquest II). All the characters would make up professions whenever anyone asked what they did. So when Michael said he worked on the New Horizons mission that went to Pluto, no one believed him. Similarly, when his friend said that he designed the heads-up displays of the F16 (could be wrong on the number, as I'm not a boy) airplane for the military, no one believed him. As a result, they kind of got a reputation for being stuck-up liars.

Anonymous said...


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