Thursday, January 22, 2009

-- interview with filmmaker Joe Falcione (part of my interviews series)

In last night's post, I muttered something unintelligible about being restless over many unfinished projects. Well, one of them has just been completed: interview with independent filmmaker Joe Falcione about his current movie in production, Despondent and his previous projects.

I'd always wondered what it takes to produce a movie -- it's so complicated. You have to come up with the script, actors, location, cameras and equipment, and that's not even including the funds or the know-how to write, act, operate everything and use computers and software... the whole production just sounds so impossibly intricate to me. And yet Joe wears all the necessary hats -- from writing to acting to editing and still somehow manages to do all this while working many hours and juggling a beautiful family. He was kind enough to answer my many questions about what it's like to be a filmmaker.

See interview with Joe Falcione -->
Joe Falcione has won several awards at various independent film festivals including awards for the music he helped produce. The music for his movies mostly have been composed by Roger Hooper. Read on for more, and to see the trailer of his latest upcoming film, Despondent.
If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I have a special interest in social documentary. Basically this means I love stories about people.

It started when I discovered Po Bronson some years ago, falling in love with his book What Should I Do With My Life? about varied career paths people have chosen; what it's like to embark on one plan only to find your passion lies elsewhere (like the one woman who had gone to medical school only to find she hated being a doctor). And then what if you don't know what your passion is?
It was a fantastic read; between that, Ira Glass's This American Life, the birth of StoryCorps (an independent project of ordinary citizens interviewing eachother, stored at the Library of Congress), and my inherent love of questioning, my own citizen documentary hobby was born.
I have a few other interviews posted online as well. If you know me, chances are I have even thought of interviewing you one day!


Christie Lanning said...

I feel so much better when I get something done that has been keeping me awake. That RELIEF. Also, I have to check out this book What Should I Do With My Life?

kevin forgot said...

this guy sounds like a total d-bag. tell him not to quit his day job. actually, tell him to quit his day job.

spleeness said...

c'mon Kev, where's the love? You know he's one of the best people on your floor.

kevin forgot said...

joe knows i'm jk'ing.

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