Tuesday, January 20, 2009

-- live web cams of Washington DC

So about a half hour ago I was driving past the Greenbelt metro station on I95, craning my neck to see what the station looked like. There were a fair amount of cars there at this late hour even though I thought they weren't even going to open the station for parking until 3:30am.

I'm probably not going. Dan is still sick and it's not realistic. I can't sleep because I'm so excited, so I gathered some links in case you're like me and want to see what's going on downtown from the comfort of your computer. See what DC is like with upwards of 4 million people roaming around (at least that's what they're expecting):
Live web cams all over DC: For some reason, this link MUST point to the I395/14th street Bridge camera first but click around to see more. I love this camera, I'll probably be parked here tomorrow. Zoom in on the map and click around (a good place to start is The Mall) to see what's going on.

Live web cam of Capitol and Union Station which rotates/zooms. I'm imagining many people will walk from Union Station to the events so check this out for kickin' traffic.

Live web cam of Capitol, Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool and Mall, but you have to watch a commercial first before it "clicks on" (just once though). From the Washington Post.

Another live cam of the Washington Monument further away at a distance. Also from the Washington Post, but no ads.

Inauguration DC will be twittering from downtown, check for frequent updates. They operate the official Inauguration website which (if you scroll down) also has news updates.

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