Tuesday, January 27, 2009

-- putting up walls...

Have you ever heard of Hal Brindley? He's an amazing wildlife photographer. He just put up a new site to catalog his latest travels. He says:
Have you ever wanted to leave it all behind (your house, your job, your ex) and go traveling to an exotic land with a perfect stranger?

Happens to me all the time.

But this time I decided to write about it.

And so did she. (The perfect stranger that is)

The journey has begun. We're both keeping a journal online and we've both agreed to never look at what the other has written. Only one person knows the whole story. You.

One request. Please do not tell me anything she has written. No matter how horrible or embarassing it may be.

We've named it Putting Up Walls. You can piece together the real story for yourself at puttingupwalls.com

It's fascinating. I just checked out the his & hers diaries and can't wait for more...

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geekhiker said...

So this guy gets to travel the world with a cute Spanish girl. Why don't I come up with ideas like that? Sheesh...

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