Tuesday, January 27, 2009

-- snow dog

Tycho loves the snow. Here he is, running around in today's white stuff:
Ever hopeful that the ball might just kick itself.

Here I cracked open the door and yelled "Rabbit! Squirrel! Rats and mailman!!" because I like to tease him like that.
Starting to calm down but still moving.

Finally at rest, faithful ball by his side.

I almost had a heart attack this morning when he took off and bolted down the street after Dan's car, something he'd never done before. He didn't even flinch when I called him back. Panic ensued. In my PJs, slippers and no glasses (blind), I began scraping my car as fast as I could so I could take off after him. My heart was racing, all I could imagine was this nearly-invisible white streak racing towards traffic on roads too slippery to stop short. I got halfway down the street before Dan returned with the dog in tow -- thank goodness he noticed Tycho in his rear view mirror and scooped him up before anything bad happened. I think I'm sporting some new gray hairs from this morning's drama!


AndreaLeigh said...

that second pic is adorable.

Niffer said...

He's such a pretty dog! I'm glad he's safe.

Jeff said...

Great pictures...but that second one...are you sure he isn't one of those monsters from Scary Movie?

Shera said...

Hey, Hol! I WISH that I knew how to make a GIF; I would love to have that 2nd pic as my avatar on horrorfind.com(the horror geek site that I am a member of). He is gorgeous...I love that you torment him; you are so twisted, hahaha!

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