Wednesday, January 7, 2009

-- thanks, cat.

This morning began with the usual frenzy. I was all set to rush out the door earlier than usual when I realized I didn't have my glasses on. HOW exactly I didn't realize this until the last minute escapes me but whatever. I figured they're easy enough to find because I often set them down in predictable spots.

I calmly checked all the usual places but no glasses. I checked again.




Checked four more times, zilch.

I started to panic after about 20 minutes of this because I realized I was going to have to leave without them or be late. Being late at my job is not an option, not really. We get in trouble if we're even 2 minutes past sign-in time, but that's a topic for a whole different blog post.

Since my vision is 20/200 (which means I can see at 20 feet what the normal person can see at 200 feet) it's not a great idea for me to drive without them. I have NO backup pairs right now, the one pair I did have is at the eyeglasses store getting repaired.

Did I mention it's not so easy to LOOK for glasses when you can't see?

Time was running out. I started dismantling the entire house, ripping apart the bedroom, pulling chairs and tables back from walls wondering if they'd somehow fallen behind or under furniture.

I was about to take the very mature problem-solving stance of dissolving into a fit of cursing and tears when suddenly I found them. Of all freaking places, you know where they were?

On the floor by the dishwasher.

For frak's sake.

I had put my (NEW, mind you) glasses on the counter last night, piquing the cat's attention. She decided to investigate her nouveau toy while I blissfully slept, playfully batting them to the ground into scratch and crush territory.
And that was just how my day STARTED.


Kelly O said...

BAD CAT!! One time I left my then-new glasses on the bed while I was showering, and when I came back, my cat had both paws wrapped around them and was chewing on the lenses. There's still a deep scratch in them that can't be buffed out.

Effing cats.

Debbi said...

OMG! I can imagine the panic. I too desperately need my glasses and panicked the night they fell under the bed. Wasn't fun searching for them in the dark while the kid is calling frantically in the middle of the night.

tony a.k.a. isweatbutter said...

just imagine all the blog posts you would have had if you hadn't found them and had to go back to that horrible eyeglass place!

geekhiker said...

LOL - Given that I'm near-sighted, the whole "losing the glasses" thing rarely happens. Plus, here in earthquake country, I ALWAYS place them next to the bed at night!

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