Wednesday, February 11, 2009

-- head is spinning

Too much to think about. I have no time to write properly so I will steal JeepGirl's meme (From MamaKat's writing assignment) and just list everything:

Top Ten Things on Spleeness's Mind:

1. Funeral Friday for Dan's grandmother, leaving tomorrow night to drive back up to Philly.

2. A good friend's baby nephew died. I wrote about her sister dying way too young at 31 and now the little baby boy she fought so hard to save has succumbed to the complications that surrounded him since birth. My poor friend is numb with grief. How could one even process this much senseless tragedy in such a short time.

My heart aches.

3. Dan has a possible job prospect in AZ, we're planning to fly out next week to investigate.

4. Holy crap, relocation??

5. My internet connection just went down, is it even worth losing precious sleep to write this list anymore?

6. Am thirsty as hell. Too bad I'm not going to do anything about it.

7. We're getting new carpeting at work which requires my entire cubicle to be packed, including work I'm doing RIGHT NOW. So I am furiously trying to get stuff off my desk so I don't have to pack unfinished business (and what if they lose it??).

The timing of this is super extra bad as I have seminars to take and a class to co-teach next week, and I can't be sitting on a bare floor with not even a single pen at my disposal. Ok I'm being dramatic -- I'll at least have a pen. But I don't even know if I'll have a computer while this is going down.

8. No wonder my neck is always sore. I really shouldn't be sitting like this, neck resting on chest, while I write. What the hell is wrong with me.

9. I'm overdue for an oil change and I can hear that the car needs it.

10. Little progress on my Lincoln book (in honor of his birthday) because I put it down to read engaging mommy blogger book ("Sleep is for the weak!"), but now neither are getting read because of meager housework, travel prep, Arizona research and half-assed blogging.

11. BONUS! Because I adore you, I'll include one more gratuitous whine.

If you know me and have commented, emailed, twittered, facebooked, Hi-5ed, Tagged, messaged, pinged or sent lovely condolences about item 1 without an equally thoughtful response, know that I am thinking of you and will respond as soon as I pick the pieces of my head back up and glue them all together.

12. ANOTHER bonus! Score! (That's how much I love y'all.)

If this list is truthful and I really am supposed to list what was on my mind today, then I should mention this.

I went jogging today (for the first time ever, basically, since 6th-grade soccer practice) and noticed my rear hurt afterwards. Not in a "wow, that was a great workout" muscular kind of sore, but in a "wow, I forgot my sports bra" kind of way.

And I realized that I have a triple D ass.


kevin forgot said...

first of all, i have to say enormous asses are a blessing to men and you should be grateful!

second of all, don't leave us :'(

third of all, sorry to hear the bad news. since you're so thirsty, this definitely calls for drinks!

Niffer said...

Ha! I think you should patent the ass bra idea.

Good luck with all the rest. HUG.

Shera said...

Please, *pshaw* you look great...I, however, am very excited at this ass bra idea and am willing to be a guinea pig! Every time you hear a thundering noise(an angel is not getting its wings)it's just me running on my treadmill...

AndreaLeigh said...

i'm sorry so much is going on for you right now. but excited for moves and new job prospects! where would you be working?

spleeness said...

Me, hopefully still at my current job. Dan, possibly at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff AZ. We're flying out Thursday to see. I'll be writing about it on my blog!

hebba said...

wow, I'm tired just reading that post! Hang in there.
Keep up with the jogging -- it really helps to clear the head. ANd yeah, when first starting the jog, your body aches in the weirdest ways! (that phase lasts 3 weeks for me)

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