Sunday, February 22, 2009

-- how important is eating really?

Right now I'm sitting here in a hotel room listening to the soft rythmic sounds of springs creaking on one side, dogs bugling in misery on the other and trying to digest all the apartments we've seen today. Yes, the Drury Inn is pet-friendly. And yes, it sounds eerily like "The Dreary Inn" -- I made endless jokes about it until we arrived and I saw how swank it was. If you visit Flagstaff, you MUST stay here.

Here's an apartment we liked. But of course we love it. It's CLEAN. And decorated by someone with a huge wad of cash and no requirement to actually taylor the furnishings to its inhabitants. No computer desk, no tv, no cd tower, no drying dishes.
apartment hunting

How come apartment models are never decorated to suit the way people actually live?

Small rattan tables flanked the bed; barely sufficient surfaces to set down your tea, let alone store vibrators*, heel exfoliating cream and toenail clippers. (*of course the back massaging kind.) And not a single bookshelf. If you live there, you must not read. Ever.

The woman showing us around was beautiful, sweet and impenetrable. A cross between a nursery school teacher and a tobacco company spokesperson, her words were slow and deliberate, carefully rehearsed and eloquently enunciated, the way you might address a scared child (only we were scared adults). Not a single expression passed over her face, her pleasant manner a cloak concealing any hint of an actual personality. She was our apartment avatar. But she did her job.

Ok so I've been mentioning agonizing decisions facing us. Here's a snapshot of the last few days.

We flew out Thursday from Maryland and landed in Phoenix where I saw this piece of art in the airport. It wins my award for Longest Most Obscure Title Ever award.

Longest Most Obscure Title Ever: Paris Journal (Linking and Fusing) No.5 "7 avril 1993, mercredi, Palais Royal (Daniel Buren's sculpture, daffodils, quiche and steamed endive)." By Linda Foss Asakawa.
I swear I am not kidding. See?
Proof of longest most obscure title ever

I am adding this to my "This is Art??" web collection.

Then we drove from Phoenix to Flagstaff, elevation 7,000 feet. This is not the hot Arizona most people know. Winters are cold and summers beautiful, not sweltering.
About to get off at the exit.

Ate dinner at a great Thai place where everything on the menu sounded like it should be in my spam folder. You know those spam emails that aim to thwart filters by including random non sequiturs? "Goong Tod Lard Prik," "Goong Pad Num Prik Pao" is perfect. It could almost sound like my 7th grade nemesis muttering sweet nothings under his breath before throwing all my books off my desk in one final act of love.

I got hot & sour soup which I spent 5 minutes ordering like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. "Does it have any veggies besides mushrooms? Can I add veggies? How about more mushrooms? And shrimp, but no chicken or pork please. And can you make it not that spicy?" (YES I know I am a spice wimp.) It arrived, flaming, in this fancy bowl:
We explored downtown Flagstaff a bit. I was envious that there was so much art & culture in a town with roughly the same population as my own bland city back home.
Dan, soon to be hammered with life-altering decisions.

We explored Flagstaff some more, but not nearly as much as we'd like. This week we will have to decide what to do. Stay or go? There's that whole money thing that we have to figure out, mundane things like how will we eat and stuff. I just can't seem to cut bodily needs out of the budget like I wish!


hautepocket said...

Eating? Psh. Totaally over-rated. Er...nevermind.

I love that you so consistently update your posts with your own photos!

And side note- are the mountains not flipping gorgeous?!

Good luck with the possible relocation. :)

melissa said...

the money we'd save if we didn't have to eat... my oh my.

oh, holly, what an exciting thing! arizona is a beautiful place. it is a huge change for you guys though. big big difference out in the middle rather than over there on the side.

best of luck with your ponderings!

Paul said...

I suspect you've already made the decision, the question will be can you afford it? (plus how to factor in that all those quick trips to NJ will no longer be quick, and also expensive).

On the bright side those trips to the pacific will be short, on the downside Europe will seem further away.

Have you figured out why the Flagstaff astronomers were originally not the best dome designers yet? (note the tires nailed to the wall to move one of the domes around up there and ask about the original design. Hint: bad idea to use water at a lubricant if you're 10,000 ft up a icy cold mountain).

kevin forgot said...

don't leave me :-( let's go out to happy hour this week sometime?

talkingtostones said...

I loved the Flagstaff area. You'd find a lot there to enjoy. Great weather, lots to see, nearby natural attractions. And it's a pretty young town, so computer work should be findable. We fell in love with concerts in the square and the general friendliness. Expensive, though. Whatever you guys decide, it'll work out for you. It's great to have choices like this come into your life.

Great post, by the way. Found yet another thing or two we have in common! :>

Niffer said...

Eating **IS** over-rated if you ask me. Sleeping, on the other hand... now **THAT** is a cheap hobby!

I'm so excited for you guys! If you end up there, we'd love to visit you and go to Sedona! I LOVE that area!

spleeness said...

Thx for your input, everyone, it really means a lot. I haven't already made the decision (plus it's not totally up to me -- I want Dan to decide what he wants first). Knowing me, I will sit down with 17 possible scenarios layed out spreadsheet-fashion and will weigh the pros & cons. And STILL not come up with an answer!

(I know because I already did it. Obviously 17 scenarios was not enough...)

Shera said...

Ha! I want to eat the longest, most obscure titled piece of artwork...endive, daffodils, quiche, etc..sounds yummy to a vegetarian who is hungry.
I am howling at the caption given to Dan's picture...of course, my blood sugar is low enough that I would consider eating a painting, so pay me no mind.
P.S. You should move to AZ, and I will then move into your house and be put out of my misery...or,if you stay put(which would be nice),I could move in anyway.(Haha! *Sigh* Yeah, yeah...just kidding)

geekhiker said...

Stay? Go? I wish I knew what to tell you. Heck, I wish I knew what to tell myself when it comes to the same question!

bodelou said...

my grandparents live in az with a place in phoenix and one in flagstaff. the later is such a cool groovy little town. hippy-ville which despite my demeaner is totally my kind of town.

if u like flagstaff, but want some sweet tea, check out asheville, NC. beautimous.

Libby said...

we almost moved to flagstaff reason. just thought it would be a cool place to live


AndreaLeigh said...

those are gorgeous pictures. the photo of the mountains is just breathtaking.

Small rattan tables flanked the bed; barely sufficient surfaces to set down your tea, let alone store vibrators*, heel exfoliating cream and toenail clippers.


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