Friday, February 20, 2009

-- maybe a wee bit ambivalent

So I'm in Arizona now, here with Dan to investigate possibly relocating.

I dreamt this morning that we were driving on a road right in the middle of the ocean in a camper, whipped by terrible gusts on both sides and perilously close to tipping over into the water. The waves were coming fast and furious on both sides but the sky was a beautiful clear blue.

We eked along slowly and carefully with much trepidation but we were so far along there was no turning back. I couldn't see our destination or even where we'd started, the road stretched into infinity.

Then the scene changed and we were no longer in the trailer but instead out, unprotected and walking along the narrow road, increasingly being swept into the water by waves. I was carrying my dog, trying to keep his head above water. The ocean intensified and sometimes waves would sweep over both our heads. I realized he was thirsty, surrounded by water but unable to drink. I offered him clean water and then woke up.

Yeah, I might be a bit ambivalent.

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